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You Always Need Not Motivation From Others – 3 Tips For Self Motivation

sometimes it becomes hard to keep positive yourself while living in a negative environment. I have gone through this phase in my life many times. Whenever I tried to do something that I like to do, people criticized me by saying that it is impossible and you will fail in this task.

For a moment I felt weak, why these people to whom I say, my family, are saying that. If they can’t admire me then why they are demotivating me? These thoughts could make me weak, but I took a deep breath and thought again why I caring for those negative people. I can do whatever I want to do and I will definitely get success in that.

Whenever I face this type of situation, rather than thinking about them negatively or question on myself, I give motivation to myself with these simple practices which I am sharing with you. After reading this article, I am sure you won’t need anyone to motivate you or to encourage you to do whatever your goals are. You will be your own life coach.

1. Sit relax and take 5 deep breaths


It is scientifically proven that when we are upset or in anger, we don’t think and speak logically. We just react according to the situation and copy the behavior of other people. If someone criticizing us, it is obvious we will be criticizing him or her as well. From today, we all do an experiment, if this type of situation come to us, we will take 5 deep breaths and then see what will be our reaction to that particular situation. Let’s try it.

2. Write down your thoughts on paper

write down your thoughts

When I find myself in the situation when people are demotivating me, I just start writing my thoughts in my diary rather than thinking again and again. The reason behind this practice is that when you write down your emotions on paper, they will be released from your mind and will not disturb you anymore. While writing your thoughts you can also write some positive affirmations for yourself. These affirmations will boost your mood immediately.

3. Give a tight hug to yourself

give yourself a tight hug


Most of the time you have heard about the term self-love. Yes, it is true if you can’t love yourself you can’t love others. In this situation people around you are criticizing you, you also have started blaming yourselves for your pain. No, you don’t need to be negative to yourself. Just see in the mirror, give a beautiful smile and give a tight hug by saying that “I am with myself always.” and say thank you to yourselves.

That’s it!

I follow these simple tricks when someone demotivating me. There are some other things you can do like reading motivational books, watching some videos, do yoga and meditation, or spend time in nature.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own way to cope with the negativity.

I have found mine. What are yours?

Dipti Goyal

Dipti Goyal

Holding roots from royal Rajasthan, I love to write about Travel, LifeStyle, Health, and Spirituality. I’ve been associated with the online marketing industry for more than 6 long years, but at the same time I am a yoga enthusiast and love to explore new places as well.
Dipti Goyal

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