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25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Setting Resolution For 2019

At the end of the day when we go to sleep, how many of us think about the achievements or learning of the day?

And on the same, when we enter in a new year, we are so high to take new resolutions about family, health, money, travel etc. etc.

But have we ever made a list of our achievements of the past year?

I know it is so easy to get caught up into the past bad experiences and think about them again and again. The bad moments of our lives are so strong that sometimes we forget to enjoy the moments that brought us joy in our life. We spend so much time focusing on what went wrong with us or what we didn’t get.

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That’s why it’s so important to slow down and dig into what we achieved and learned over the year. As we are in the process to welcome 2019, so we all will take some time to think and write about everything that happened over the past 12 months.

Whether you’re new to writing or a regular blogger, answering these 25 questions will help you let go of the past year and move into the new year with a fresh mindset!

Let’s start our relaxing ritual for 30 minutes or so. Brew a cup of tea or hot cocoa, sit by the fireplace, light a candle, and play your favorite music while you write!

-How did I take care of myself this year? Could I have done a better job? If so, how?
-How will I take even better care of myself next year?
-What self-care practices make me feel better? How can I do them more?

-What was my mindset like this year? What did I focus my thoughts on?
-What did I overthink or worry about? Was it worth it?
-How can I improve my mindset in the next year? How will I commit to keeping a positive mindset?

-How was my relationship with myself this year? How did I treat myself physically and mentally?
-What does it mean to love myself? How will I practice self-love next year?

-How satisfied was I with my work this year? What changes can I make that will help me feel fulfilled with my work?
-What is my focus on my job/career/work in the new year?

-Who did I spend time with this year? What did we do together?
-Did I let go of anyone this year? How did that feel?
-Do I want to focus on nourishing my current relationships or creating new ones? How will I do that?

-How much money do I currently have? How does that number feel?
-What am I making money for? What’s my motivation to create more income or save more?
-How can I become more financially savvy next year?

-Did I take care of myself physically this year through exercise, sleep, and nutrition? How or why not?
-What can I do to make my well-being a priority next year?
-How do I feel about my body? How can I improve my relationship with my body?

Personal Growth
-In what ways did I grow as a person this year? What/who influenced me? -What did I learn?
-What skills/practices do I want to learn or master in the new year?

-How did I have fun this year? What are my favorite memories?
-What are my hobbies? How can I make time for those next year?

-What did I accomplish this year? What am I proud of myself for?
-What are my top three goals for next year? How will I stay on track with my goals?


I hope these questions encourage you to reflect on the good moments from the past year and set you up with some goals and intentions for the new year.

Feel free to let me know how these questions help you to set new goals for 2019.

Dipti Goyal

Dipti Goyal

Holding roots from royal Rajasthan, I love to write about Travel, LifeStyle, Health, and Spirituality. I’ve been associated with the online marketing industry for more than 6 long years, but at the same time I am a yoga enthusiast and love to explore new places as well.
Dipti Goyal

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