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2019 New Year Resolution Ideas For A Happy Life

We just welcomed the New Year and I am sure you have made some new resolutions like joining a gym, quit smoking, spending less money and so on. According to a study, half of the resolutions fail before the end of January. But another study states that people who make new year resolutions are more likely to change their behavior in comparison to those who didn’t make any.

new year resolutions

If you have not made your resolutions for 2019 yet, then I will help you to make them for you. But before that just have a look at the past year and ask a few questions to yourself.

  • What were my last year resolutions?
  • Had I achieved them?
  • If i was failed then what were the reasons?
  • Were my resolutions realistic?

After completing this task, now its time to make some new resolutions for 2019. Always keep in mind that it’s not necessary to make a list of 10 or 20 resolutions. You can go with 1 resolution which should be more realistic, achievable and long-lasting.

Start with small one and track your progress. When you see its successful completion, it will boost your confidence.

Here are some meaningful resolutions that will help you to improve yourself in the coming year. As I told you earlier you can go with one or more according to your wish but stick on them for the whole year.

1. Learn Something New

Choose one thing that you have always wanted to learn. It may be learning a new language or a musical instrument, sign up for an online course or join a webinar etc. There are many options available online or offline to learn a new skill. You just have to pick one for yourself.

2. Give 30 minutes daily to your body

Most of the people take resolution for their fitness but how many of us follow it regularly? People usually say they don’t have time to do exercise daily. I suggest to them to start with small. Just give 30 minutes to our body. Go for a brisk walk, or jogging, do yoga, pranayama, dancing, cycling anything you like to do. Do it for 30 days, I guarantee you that it will become your habit.

3. Volunteer

Resolve to make a difference this year. You can volunteer for the street children, empower the women education, or help to grow more plants. Even if you can only give a small amount of time, there are countless good organizations that can use your help.

4. Eat Healthier

Instead of trying to change all your eating habits at one time, start with a single. Resolve to eat a raw vegetable daily or use mustard oil or ghee for cooking instead of refined oil. Replace your tea time snacks with nuts or roasted chana. Drink a glass of water before every meal. Chew your food 20-30 times. These small changes will help you to achieve your weight loss goal as well.

5. Visit a Place You Have Never Been

Instead of saying you want to travel more, resolve to visit a new place this year. It’s not necessary to go on a luxury or exotic destination. You can plan to take a day or weekend trip, go for a trek or yoga retreat, do camping etc. To make your resolution a reality, plan at least a month before.

6. Read More Books

Make a list of the books you always wanted to read and check them off one by one. Join a book club or a book lover groups on social media, exchange your books with them or visit a public library or a bookstore every month. Reading is also great for your mental health.

7. Strengthen your Personal Relationships

Work on your relationship with your partner, friends, kids, parents. Give your time to them. Encourage them in their weak time. Lend your helping hand, listen to them, give more hugs.

8. Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself is also as important as caring for others. Resolve to give yourself 30 minutes of me-time once a week, to meditate, listen to music, write, take a hair spa or do anything that makes you feel good.

So what will be your new year resolution? Let me know in the comment section below.

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