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Best Self Care Activities For Coping with Life

Self-care means giving the world the best of you, instead of what is left of you.

Self-care routine is a really very important part of a healthy lifestyle. it can help you to beat stress,  reduce anxiety and boost your mood. it helps us to become more peaceful and calm. Here in this post, I will share some self-care ideas that can be a part of your routine. It’s better to have a variety of Ideas to choose from so that your self-care routine does not become boring and predictable.

self care ideas

Hope you will enjoy it.

  1. Take a walk around your neighborhood.
  2. Go to the park in the morning.
  3. Drink a big glass of water (Right Now).
  4. Stand up and stretch your whole body. (From head to toe)
  5. Play some music and dance. Or just move to the beat.
  6. Walk up or down the stairs and back.
  7. Go for a massage.
  8. Sleep in this weekend.
  9. Take a 20-minute nap.
  10. Spend some time out in nature.
  11. Join a gym.
  12. Take deep breaths and focus on breathing, nothing else.
  13. Read a positive quote to start your day, every day.
  14. Spend less time on social media. Limit yourself to 1 hour a day or less.
  15. Write out your thoughts on a journal.
  16. Wake up in the morning and be grateful for the things you have.
  17. Put up a positive wallpaper on your desktop.
  18. Write down some goals.
  19. Unfollow negative people/friends on your social media.
  20. Spend less time with toxic people in your life.
  21. Stuff yourself with your favorite food, but only occasionally.
  22. Read old letters or messages from loved ones that will make you feel better.
  23. Draw or paint. Be creative and let your emotions out.
  24. Tidy up your room and workplace. This will help declutter your mind.
  25. Take a quiz about yourself.
  26. Look yourself in the mirror for 5 minutes and start pondering.
  27. Meditate every day.
  28. Eat some dark chocolate. It increases dopamine.
  29. Go for a movie in the cinema all by yourself.
  30. Take a day off from work on a weekday and spend time alone.
  31. Attend a church, temple, mosque or anything religious.
  32. Read thoughts and quotes from spiritual leaders.
  33. Give to a charity.
  34. Do something nice in secret. Eg. Pay for a random table’s meal at a restaurant and keep it a secret.
  35. Fast for a day and use the time to reflect.
  36. Take a weekend off social media.
  37. Read about the Buddha and the Dalai Lama.
  38. Learn breathing techniques to relax.
  39. Try being a vegetarian/vegan once in a week.
  40. Learn about the law of attraction.
  41. Learn yoga.
  42. Limit your sugar intake.
  43. Learn a musical instrument.
  44. Talk to smarter people.
  45. Watch TED talks.
  46. Listen to podcasts that are relevant.
  47. Call a close friend to say hi.
  48. Join a book club or go to the library more often
  49. Spend a day with your loved ones.
  50. Take a road trip with your friends

There you have it. A long list of self-care ideas for everyone and everything. Did you enjoy reading it?

If you have any ideas that are not included, drop a comment and I’ll add it to the post!

Remember to take care of yourself and please share the post

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Dipti Goyal

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Dipti Goyal

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