“With our thoughts, we make the world” – Buddha

Inside Buddha is designed to motivate people to find the positivity which they have in themselves, and lead a life on the path of happiness. The sole purpose is to connect people who want to read and share inspiring stories, help others to live empowered lives and pass on their knowledge related to mental, physical and spiritual health.

The main aim is to provide you with powerful, practical tools, techniques, wisdom and inspiration for creating radiant happiness, health, and healing. Let’s focus on helping individuals to be more conscious and awaken their senses. It’s time to embrace mindfulness and live a life rather than just survive!

Know More About Me – The Yoga Girl

dipti goyalThe journey till here has been pretty uncertain and it took me quite some time to figure out the purpose of my life. I began my career as a school teacher in a small town of Rajasthan. In spite of the fact that I loved being with children, I didn’t enjoy working there and would contemplate about doing something different – something that would make me feel more satisfied and happy. I moved to a big city and bagged a corporate job – thinking that things will get better from then onwards.

Most of us believe that probably a well-paid job and the luxuries associated with it can be the ultimate source of happiness – but with my experiences, I know that happiness doesn’t last for long! In the chaos of my work and balancing my personal life, I somehow started losing myself.

And then, in the year 2015, I started going to a yoga class! Initially, it was just meant for fitness after sitting in the office for 8 hours continuously – and I wanted to let loose the sedentary lifestyle. But I never knew when my love for yoga turned into a passion – and I finally realized that this is what makes me happy like nothing else. I started practicing yoga regularly and also read several books about this ancient art form, which can act as a healer of body, mind, and soul.

It took me some time to gain the courage and convince myself to take up yoga as a full-time thing, and merge my passion into something more productive. As they say, ‘It’s never too late to start something that you love’ – thus, here I am, learning little things from life and sharing my thoughts with one and all out there.

‘Inside Buddha’ is the space through which I wish to connect to more people, inspire and get inspired – and above all, let everyone know that we have ‘Buddha’ inside us, all we need is a little awakening.