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7 Eating Hacks To Get Fit Without Spending A Single Penny

In today’s world, being healthy is the most important concern of everyone especially the working professionals, busy parents who don’t have time to work on their diet or can’t make a time to hit the gym. This results in lifestyle diseases, anxiety and stress.

If you are time bound but want to be healthy, take a look at these 7 eating hacks that will keep you fit and help you to boost your metabolism.

1. Avoid your white enemies

avoid white sugar
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You may be shocked to know that we have some white enemies and we all love them so much. Those enemies are salt, refined white sugar, and white flour. I know you can’t totally avoid them at once but I suggest you limit them in your daily intake. You can also replace them with their healthy options like while salt with pink Himalayan salt, refined sugar with jaggery and while flour with multigrain flour. You just have to take a single healthy step, everything will be on track soon.

2. Add colors in your food

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Try to include fresh and seasonal fruits and colorful vegetables in your diet. Even you can start your day with a fruit, have a salad in your lunch and a bowl of soup before your dinner. Plant-based food will not only improve your physical health but also give you mental stability.

3. Sit down and eat

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Eating while walking or standing is not good for your digestion. Eating your meal is like worshiping your deity which cant be in a hurry. Sit down and concentrate on your food. Turn off the TV, put away your smartphone and just enjoy your food. You will end up eating less but feeling fuller and more satisfied with your meal.

4. Schedule your main meals at the same time every day

Having a small healthy snack throughout the day keeps you energized for the full day. But your main 3 meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be at the same time every day. This will help you to control your cravings and speed up your metabolism for better digestion.

5. Drink water throughout the day

Try to track your water intake throughout the day and the time to consume water. Start your day with lukewarm water is good but water between your meal is bad for your digestive fire. If you are on your weight loss journey then make sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water 15 minutes before your main meals. Once you have done with your meal, give at least 30 minutes to break down your food into your stomach otherwise it will weaken digestive juices.

6. Stop before you’re full

mindful eating
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According to a survey, the Japanese have the most life expectancy and the simple reason behind that they never eat till the neck. They only eat until they are 80-85% full. So the rule of thumb is to stop eating before you feel full. It takes 10 minutes to make you realize that you have eaten a lot still you are full.

7. Remember the rule of 32

chew your food well
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Have you ever thought about why we have 32 teeth? The simple answer is to chew our food 32 times so that it converts into a paste form in the mouth and save the intestines time to digest the food and ultimately improve the metabolism. If you are struggling to lose your fat, this technique helps you a lot because it stops you from overeating.

So the next time when you are having your meal, try to incorporate these healthy practices for which you don’t need much time but mindfulness.

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